An uplifting, happy song for all faiths. In lively 6-8 time, it has an Irish feel to it and it has been sung by the entire congregation of Cedar Ridge Community Church, spreading to other churches as well. The melody in the chorus climbs, with Paige's voice reaching many high notes with her wide vocal range in this song. One listener commented that it reminded him of Gordon Lightfoot’s style.

Paige wrote the first draft of this song in 1987, inspired by her local Bible study group in Greenbelt. She had just become a new follower of Jesus Christ ("New points of view given sight") and had just learned the importance of worshiping the Creator and never His creation. That's why there's an emphasis in the lyrics, "Thanks for YOUR trees, YOUR birds of the air". Paige's family loves the last verse of the song and sometimes gets a request to sing it at her family's Thanksgiving gathering.

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A Constant Thanksgiving

words and music by: Paige E. Powell                    ©1991 Paige Powell

1. Each of our days filled with light;

 New points of view given sight.

 And when our hearts opened wide,

 Then came the peace deep inside.

Chorus: Come to a constant Thanksgiving.

 Come to a constant Thanksgiving!

 Bring hearts that stay grateful each day

 Come to a constant Thanksgiving!  —  Thanksgiving!

2. When we step out into the day,

 God's open sky inspires us to pray.

 Thanks for Your trees, Your birds of the air;

 Our greatest creations cannot compare!

         (Repeat Chorus)

3. When problems grow and blessings seem small,

 We have our friends and family to call.

 How can we thank the Lord God above?

 By giving and showing and sharing love!

          (Repeat Chorus 2x)

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