This emerged as a Disney-style song, quite by accident. As I wrote it, I could picture “Grandfather Mouse” singing it to his mouse family while slowly dancing.

The syncopation of the melody is the true charm of this song. My sound engineer, Kevin Gutierrez said this was one of his top favorites of all my songs, and said that he could picture Kermit singing it. I replied that I’d love for Kermit to sing it so I could afford to keep working in the recording studio! “A Glimmer of Hope” means a lot to me personally, and when I started to sing it in the studio, I started to cry.  Hope is our lifeblood, if we are honest, and keeps us going.

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A Glimmer Of Hope

words and music by Paige Powell                         © 2016 Paige E. Powell

1.  With every passing year, how my future’s growing small
Feels like I’m losing time and the chance to have it all
Stay in my recliner — lazy, full of fear
Give up on my dreams that seem too tall

2.  But when I think that I’ve reached the frayed end of my rope
Then, I remember all of the times I’ve learned to cope
Despair growing dimmer
Faith like a beginner
A light and a glimmer of hope

Bridge:  Hope is like a vision for the next small step to take
Giving motivation for a goal
Small seeds of a thought that show the possibilities
A joy and a passion for my soul

3.  No, I won’t look at life through a narrow microscope
Just listen for the courage to climb the steepest slope
Despair growing dimmer, faith like a beginner
A light and a glimmer of hope
Despair growing dimmer
I could still be a winner —
A light and a glimmer of hope!

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