This happy, hopeful song with Spanish-style guitar strums features Steve Wolfe’s beautiful saxophone, echoing each visually compelling vocal line, and spotlighted in his solo for the musical bridge.

The lyrics are a poetic fantasy about a woman who saves a slice of summer “when the sun is gray.” After the first verse, there’s a lift in the melody which concludes “She stores the laughter that melts with Spring” and introduces the musical bridge. After Steve’s Wolfe’s creative masterpiece of a saxophone solo in this bridge, the song returns to our “Sun lady” who “smiles on children swimming.” The saxophone stays and continues to echo each line of this song, which I think is delightful!

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Saxophone on this song performed by Steve Wolfe.

A Slice Of Summer

words and music by Paige Powell                    © 2013 Paige E. Powell

1. She saved just a slice of summer
Just to keep feelin' younger
When the sun is gray
Warm fingers point across to the singers
Happy music lingers
Past a snowy day

Her winter nights are lean, drawing the curtain green
She stores the laughter that melts with Spring

(saxophone solo)

2. Sun lady shine on children swimming
Keep them warm through the dimming
Of winter's clouds
And listening to the time when the corn was growing
Colored flowers and honey flowing
And the birds sang loud

Her footsteps melt the snow, leaving the waters to flow
Her planted garden begins to grow, saying, "Hello!"
Saying, "Hello!"

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