Why is it that when you hear a song about sexual attraction, a sultry, smoky jazz song seems to be the perfect genre?

The style of “Chemistry” is a sexual attraction song similar to “Fever” performed by Peggy Lee (smokin’ hot for 1959), Madonna and Beyoncé. In our lives, we meet many people of the opposite sex and dating is the usual ritual. But if there are no sparks, there is no fire, no “chemistry,” and the mystery of love is elusive. This jazzy song features a prominent stand-­‐up bass and the guitar has an alternate Bb tuning to emphasize jazz chords. The setting? A smoky bar with low lights. Maybe listen to this song with low lights and a martini?

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words and music by Paige Powell                        ©2017 Paige E. Powell

1. Could it be love at first sight?
I never believed it before
When you smiled and simply said, “Hello”
What you ignited, I couldn’t ignore

Chorus:  Chemistry makes my heart go dancing
Chemistry sparks between me and you
Chemistry locks our eyes together
Hey, can you feel — chemistry too?

2. My heart and my mind keep arguing
Confusing me when you come near
But my mind and thoughts lose every time
My happy heart is thrilled you are here    (Chorus)

3. Risking with wild abandonment
My heart is leading the way
And with every touch, I feel so warm
Oh, how I want this fever to stay!   (Chorus)

Chorus Tag:  Chemistry stops my mind from working
Hoping that love will start coming through
Chemistry makes the whole room vanish
Hey, can you feel the chemistry too?
Sizzling heat between me and you
Could I have love — and chemistry too?

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