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Do Not Tell (the Book of Mark)

words and music by Paige Powell                         © 2015 Paige E. Powell

1. John, the Baptist, preparing the way

Jesus, baptized and tempted

Evil spirits are driven away

People healed and amazed.

Jesus, healing a paralyzed man

Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath

God’s word is like a lamp on a stand

Spirits fall down and say:

Chorus:  “Jesus, you’re the Son of God!” but Jesus says not to tell

Jesus warns them not to tell,

“Do not tell anyone. Do not tell anyone.”

2. Chains could not hold the man of the tombs

Jesus freed him from demons.

Healed a man who was both deaf and mute

And He walked on the lake.

Jesus brings a girl back from the dead

Calms a storm that obeys Him.

Feeds five thousand with two fish and bread

Asks, “What do people say?”

Chorus:  Peter says, “You are the Christ” — Jesus says not to tell

Jesus warns him not to tell

“Do not tell anyone. Do not tell anyone.”

Bridge: He withered the fig tree. He has the authority.

But, He loves the little children.

In a mountain cloud, — a voice was loud,

“This is my Son, Whom I love!

3. Jesus gives them His body and blood

They run when He’s arrested.

Crucified, held by nails and His love

Placed in a tomb when he died.

When the Sabbath was over, they came,
Mary, Mary and Salome.

Saw the tomb, saw the stone rolled away

Saw a young man in white, saying:

Chorus: “He has risen! He’s not here! Do not fear, go and tell.

Go find Peter, go and tell

Go and tell everyone! Go and tell everyone!”

Tag:  But they were so afraid —    so they told no one.

Paige was challenged to write a song that encompassed the entire book of Mark from the Bible. The overarching theme is that Jesus kept saying “Do not tell them who I am”.

Do Not Tell (the Book of Mark) – Long Bio, 103 words

Because of the drama in the book of Mark, Paige set the song in a minor key, switching to a major chord when appropriate. Paige also switches from picking to strumming the guitar to build the chorus. A few dramatic pauses includes describing Jesus’ death on the cross: “Crucified, held by nails and his love”. The bridge constrasts “He withered the fig tree. He has the authority. But He loves the little children”. The song “Do Not Tell” ends strangely with an Am9 like the strange end to the book of Mark. You can see Paige’s performance  of “Do Not Tell” on YouTube. Cover art is by Anita Breitenberg.

Scroll down to see a video of Paige performing this song in front of a live audience.

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