A poetic look at what it’s really like to fall in love and lose your “boundaries,” Paige matches the melody, which “falls” with the lyrics, “Here I am falling, falling…”.

Paige wrote and performed her original song using a little-known open G – drop C tuning on her rich-toned Martin guitar, starting with an Em9 chord to set the stage for “collapsing boundaries” and “crashing egos”. She writes from the experience of losing one’s self when falling in love, as well as flying high. “You take me up like a pilot… ” and the scary fear of “But what’s the landing… ?” The bridge of the song happily reminds us about losing sleep because we’re smiling too much and the “stone-carved memories” to come. “Falling In Love” has also been recorded by Ashley Elise, who loaned her voice for the background vocal just before the 3rd verse.


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Falling In Love

words and music by Paige Powell                         © 2004 Paige E. Powell

1. My boundaries are collapsing — my ego crashing, too
Do I extend past my skin when I wrap my mind ‘round you?
I studied every map I had to find not where, but who
Here I am falling, falling, falling in love

2. Emotions come to me just from the postures you assume
The way you stood and loosened your tie in my dining room
I struggle to act normally while my frail love hopes to bloom
Still, I am falling, falling, falling in love

Bridge: So full of love, I cannot eat
And I smile so much that I cannot sleep
Come on over to my door and give me
Another stone-carved memory to keep, memory to keep

3. You take me up like a pilot — I’m miles from the ground
Gliding without engines, soaring with no sound
But what’s the landing if the safety net of love can’t be found?
Still I am falling, falling, falling in love...  in love —


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