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Give Me A Beach!

words and music by Paige Powell                         © 2015 Paige E. Powell

1. A bunch of girls sittin' around talkin' fantasies

"What would you like waking up to?
The first thing you would see?"

Marcia said, "A chauffer" and  Sue said "Breakfast in bed!"

Jen declared, "A husband who's there"

Then, I spoke up and said…

Chorus: "Give me a beach! Give me sand between my toes

Give me the sound of the pounding

How the ocean's music goes

Give me a beach! I'd love to be there

As long as you put me on a beach, I'm happy anywhere!

2. And now I sell real estate

I could sell anywhere

I've wanted most to live on the coast and smell the salty air

I couldn't change the record
That played that song to my soul

So, now I've got an ocean-front lot

It's always been my goal…

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge: The sound of the surf, the breakers rolling near

I pick up the big conch shell and press it to my ear

And listen, listen, listen to it whisper…

(Repeat Chorus softly)

(Repeat Chorus loudly)

Earning a Honorable Mention from the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, this song rallies the cry in each beach-loving heart, "As long as you put me on a beach, I'm happy anywhere!"

This beach-loving song includes steel drums, guitar and bongos playing with the sound of the surf! It starts, "A bunch of girls sittin' around, talkin' fantasies…" when Nancy Buzalsky, the inspiration for this song, declares, "Give me a beach!" After the singer picks up a conch shell in the song's bridge, she "listens to it whisper" and the chorus is sung in a whisper "…give me the sound of the pounding, how the ocean’s music goes." Another major influence to the lyrics is Paige's brother, Stan, who "…couldn’t change the record that played that song to my soul," and now has "…got an oceanfront lot."

Scroll down to see a video of Paige performing this song in front of a live audience.

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