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Wise men from the East, on their long journey following a star, didn’t have much information. They followed a sign from God, showing great faith in a secure “hope”. It ‘s possible that they would have been familiar with this song’s Eastern percussion.

This song conveys the sparse amount of information the Wise Men from the East had. They didn’t know about Joseph or Mary. They didn’t know which town to go to until they got to Jerusalem and Herod called the “chief priests and teachers of the law” who told them the Christ (or Messiah) would be born in Bethlehem. It’s a story of faith, enduring a very long journey, and it’s where we get the idea for gift-giving at Christmas! To capture the setting of the story, “Hope (A Christmas Song)” incorporates Middle Eastern percussion, and gradually fades at the end, like the Wise Men riding their camels away into the distance.

Hope (a Christmas Song)

words and music by Paige Powell                        ©2012 Paige E. Powell

1. Hope . . .  like following a star

 So bright, it’s never dark — We seek hope

2. Hope . . .   it drives us to go on

 Into the great beyond — ride toward hope

Bridge: Hopes can be false, but there’s a hope for us that’s true

  A king is born, but we don’t know who unto

  How we were thrilled to follow this, the leading star

  But this event of a lifetime is so far

3. Hope . . .  a distant destiny

 But closer we will be — reaching hope

4. Hope . . .  embodied in a child

 The journey was worthwhile . . . to see hope

Bridge: Hopes can be false but there’s a hope for us that’s true

  A king is born to bring us all good news

  It lifts our hearts to see this foretold royal sight

  This sign from God, has finally come to light

5. Hope . . .  We see it in a child

 The king gives us a smile — the face of hope

 Face of hope

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Trax (music without vocals for YOU to sing with this song)

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