With the guitar tuned in an open-G-drop-C tuning, there’s a fullness of bass for this song. It has a folk-song structure with a recurring 2-line refrain so that listeners and audiences can sing along and begin to think of the many kinds of love we have in this world. Paige’s voice has a wide range, heard in this song from soprano to alto (maybe a few tenor notes?).

You may notice a shift in the recording from studio to live(!) after the first 3 verses. In the first part, the guitar sounds nice and rich, with deep bass notes, and then the song merges into a 1987 live recording at a coffeehouse at Church of the Aspostles in Fairfax, VA. The performance at the coffeehouse includes Wade Moroughan playing acoustic lead guitar and adding background vocals, vocal harmonies and vocal echoes. The recording ends with a nice finish of applause.

Paige’s mother really loves the first verse and takes it personally! It’s folk-song structure is created so that the audience can sing along, which you can hear in the video to the right.

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How Many Kinds of Love?

words and music by Paige Powell                      ©1989 Paige E. Powell

C: How many kinds of love do you see?
How many kinds of love can there be?

1. The purest love is from mother and child and last after they've grown The baby feels such happiness to know that they are home

2. The kindest love is for animals, for they don't understand
They can't tell you how they feel, but they know to love your hand(Chorus)

3. The deepest love is from woman and man
They touch each other's souls
Freedom they will give and take, yet love without controls

4. The biggest love is for family, the newborn and the old
It stretches across whole continents, loving more than you can hold (Chorus)

5. Dad was kind to the stranger stranded in the snow
Mother baked for her office, the postman said, "Hello"

6. I know you think I am leaving out the great, important love
But words could never fill your heart like the love you're thinking of (Chorus many times)

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