Latin influence with the punch of a Mariachi-style trumpet accents this positive song about a woman who refuses to buckle after a bad relationship!

Bad or mismatched relationships have happened to most of us, and there comes a moment when it dawns on you that not being valued is one major warning sign. "Jumping in the pool of love, I landed on cement" the singer admits in first verse. Instead of angry or tearful lyrics, this song is pragmatic about moving on, declaring the self-worth statement, "Any girl deserves better, and I’ll love again". The Hispanic flavor comes from the Flamenco-style strumming for the guitar and the Mariachi-style trumpet accents. As for the cover photo, Paige is NOT with the "next guy to come along" — she’s driving her Uncle Charles' boat while on vacation with a good girlfriend!


Hear the

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Hear the

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To be on a CD to be released soon, "Play These, Feel Better" with the purpose to create music that heals.

I Won't Fall Apart

words and music by Paige Powell                         © 2015 Paige E. Powell

1. I worked so hard for the way the relationship went

But, you, you weren’t trying at all

Jumping in the pool of love, I landed on cement

But I will bounce right back and stand up tall!

Chorus: And, I won’t fall apart just because you couldn’t love me

I won’t take your opinion — you’re only one man

No, I won’t fall apart just because you couldn’t love me

Any girl deserves better and I’ll love again

2. It’s hard to let you go — I felt your smile all the way through

And I felt warm arrows from your eyes

But, behind those eyes, you’re not thinking like I do

You’re not feeling, and y’know — you never cry!   So, (repeat chorus)

Bridge: Even when you were around, you were always on the phone

You stayed out with your friends and left me all alone

So, (repeat chorus 2x)



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