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It's All About Freedom

words and music by Paige Powell      ©2007 Paige E. Powell

Saxophone performed by Steve Wolfe

1. Happy man, who’s a musician on the street

Just gets by, but he plays the music’s beat

Sings in the sunshine, and loves the life he leads

Won’t get rich, but that isn’t what he needs

Chorus:  It’s all about freedom

It’s all about having time

Time to do what you really want to do

It’s all about freedom

Having room to breathe

A way to fill your dreams that have their grip on you

It’s all about freedom

2. Office admin, who was a true artist at heart

She got laid off, and had to make a brand new start

Now she’s part time, but it’s enough to pay the rent

And she’s painting—that’s how her free time is spent (repeat Chorus)

Bridge:  They say that hard work never kills

Paycheck to paycheck pays the bills

And though frustrations could explode

We’ll work for freedom down the road

3. Every week, a man worked lots of overtime

He commuted daily to the daily grind

Now retired, with a good 401K

Now he’s finally free for golfing every day

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

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