This song explores the emotions of a college-age woman (yes, the photo is of Paige when she was in college) yearning for internal freedom after visiting her family, comparing her parents' home to the "home" of her new adult life.

When we realize that some of the values and choices of our family are not our own, its not that they did something wrong — it's that we're growing up. The woman in this song has been longing for freedom and now that she's an independent adult, she realizes that her parents' house has been haunting her. She laments, "I visit claustrophobic rooms whispering, 'Do you recall the wishes and wanderlust within these walls?'" The strong, rock drums punctuate the tension-filled discordant guitar chords that resolve more quietly into the bridges, declaring, "My true self…" and "My new life…" and arriving at "I'm flying on my own!".

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Leaving the Nest

words and music by Paige Powell                         © 2015 Paige E. Powell

1. My parents' house is finally leaving me

It lingered too long for me to feel free

Clouded by time, it slowly faded away

As gently as twilight covers every day

2. It isn't that my family did something wrong

They just couldn't listen to my different song

I visit claustrophobic rooms whisp'ring, "Do you recall

"The wishes and wanderlust within these walls?"

Bridge: My true self is becoming clear to me

My place and my songs defining who I can be

The things I need to do, I do without being "told"

My freedom's an ocean breaker rolling through my soul

Through my soul —

I'm flying on my own, I'm finally feeling whole

3. The dark is growing grayer like the foggy tree

Leaving just the outline of its memory

A soft, quiet veil snows on my painful past

That obligated feeling is leaving at last

4. My home is my new life now that I have grown

Reborn out of wanting to be left alone

Oh, how I wanted to escape through that imposing door

That self-imprisonment haunts me no more

Bridge: My new life helps that part of me to die

That house haunted me long after I said, "Goodbye"

My true self is becoming clear to me

My place and my songs defining who I really can be

Who I can be, I’m finally feeling free!

I’m finally feeling free! — Yeah!

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