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Are You Doing Anything? Portrait of a woman working at a dead-end job, with a bridge describing a different lifestyle, a different possibility.

Blackeyed Peas A blues-style song with declarations against superstition and good-luck charms and a proclamation, "I will put my trust into the Lord!"

Chemistry Smooth jazz featuring stand-up bass with the same subject matter as "Fever" made famous by Peggy and recorded by Beyoncé and Madonna.

The Clock Ballad with touches of saxophone performed by Steve Wolfe, the clock is personified, as an entity that controls, pushes and dictates.

A Constant Thanksgiving Lively, uplifting, happy song for all faiths proclaims "Then came the peace deep inside". An Irish "Gordon Lightfoot" style in 6/8 time.

Do Not Tell (the Book of Mark) Jesus kept telling everyone not to tell anyone who he was, including Peter, after he said, "You are the Christ".

Falling In Love – A poetic look at what it’s really like to fall in love and lose your “boundaries”, Paige matches the melody, which “falls” with the lyrics, “Here I am falling, falling…”.

Give Me A Beach! – This beach-loving song won an Honorable Mention in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and includes steel drums, guitar and beach bongos!

A Glimmer Of Hope – This emerged as a Disney-style song, quite by accident. As I wrote it, I could picture “Grandfather Mouse” singing it to his mouse family.

Green Light Blues – Snappy acoustic guitar blues riffs frame this jazzy blues song about traffic, and laments, "Why won't people go when the light is green?"

Hibernate – After poetic verses about winter, the chorus asks “Why don’t we hibernate like the bears and sleep the winter away?”

Hope (A Christmas Song) – Wise men from the East, on their long journey following a star, didn’t have much information. They followed a sign from God, showing great faith in a secure “hope”.

How Many Kinds Of Love? – This recording shifts from studio to live(!) which includes background vocals by Wade Moroughan. It’s a sing-along song.

I Won't Fall Apart – This is the song a woman sings when she sees a failed relationship was bad and decides that she deserves love! Uplifting Mariachi-style horns.

It's All About Freedom – Lively portrait of three people and how they obtained personal freedom is punctuated with snappy saxophone riffs performed by Steve Wolfe.

Leaving The Nest – explores the emotions of a college-age woman yearning for internal freedom after visiting her family, comparing her parents’ home to the “home” of her new adult life.

Lift My Heart – How exciting it is to fall in love, and discover new thrills and happiness! "When you kiss me, how you lift my heart — like a rocket ride..."

The Long Goodbye – Slowly depicts a detailed scene of 2 lovers parting at a train station. "He stares to see her somber face grow smaller with each moment..."

Love Is Patient – the lyrics are the words verbatim from the Biblical passages in 1Corinthians, chapter 13, perfect for weddings.

Love Never Gets Old – Lively Spanish guitar strums in an open D tuning is embellished with saxophone by Steve Wolfe for this song with a Spanish third verse!

Love You In The Light – Coming from a dark past toward "open windows and doors" this song proclaims, "I want to love you in the light" with ideal trust.

More Of Your Time – A portrait of a busy marriage where the wife asks her husband not to neglect their relationship. "Give love more of your time."

Motorbike Mike – A happy saxophone echoes the melody of this song about the joy of a woman’s relationship with a guy who loves fun, going fast, his motorcycle and her!

The New Cool Wind – This light, happy song, recorded with flute and piano describes Autumn poetically, with leaves "crunching like cornflakes".

Noche de Palmas – Yes, all the lyrics are in Spanish, sung to a relaxing Latin strum on the guitar. The lyrics tell the listener to forget all their problems.

The Other Woman – Hard rock and blues with a wailing electric guitar frame this lament from a woman who feels left out from the world.

A Picture Of You – Based on "Landslide" by Stevie Nicks, a romantic song about loving someone so much, you want a photo of them to keep and carry.

Pretty City Lights – A comparison between nature's beauty and "pretty city lights," a rich person on top of a hill or inward wealth of time and vision. Recorded live.

Roller Coaster – An upbeat, happy song about "...the ups and downs and turn-arounds" of life and unexpected thrills. Includes slide on electric guitar.

Sailing Into The Future – Based on the '80s book "Future Shock," letting go of the past is still fearful, "with winds of change into my sails". Recorded live.

Silent Soothing – Slow and romantic, it describes the woman's feelings when her eyes meet the eyes of an "old attraction" — a romance known long ago.

A Slice Of Summer – A woman keeps summer in her soul as she smiles through the winter, remembering "happy music" and planting a garden. This happy, poetic ballad features Steve Wolfe on saxophone. Instrumental version available (

Those Who Need – A slow tempo frames this ponderous song about having way too much. "Please remind me when I spend, Lord, of those who need."

Too Hung Over (Thanksgiving With Real Indians) – A true story about 2 college girls being too hung over to talk to "two Saudi Arabians" that Grandma invited (with us) "to Thanksgiving with real Indians!"

Tumble Dry Low – Women remember this song about the connection between shopping and laundry every time they see the clothing tag, “Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low”.

Two Things At Once – Similar to the Who's "Summertime Blues," this humorous song includes wonderful saxophone riffs performed by Steve Wolfe.

We Missed the Boat – The story of a couple having so much fun at their island vacation, that they miss the boat to go home! Song has a Jimmy Buffett vibe.

When Love Is Born – A smooth jazz comparison between when love is "born" and when love has grown, this  Sade-sounding song features saxophone performed by Steve Wolfe.

When The Night Says Goodbye To The Sun – expresses loneliness when someone we love is away for a long time. But they are coming back, like when the Sun returns every morning.

Why Did I Worry? – Co-written with Cindi Slaughter, lyrics are based on the Matthew, chapter 6 part of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, but written from the first person: "Why did I worry" instead of "Do not worry".


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