Beauty is seldom rushed, but savored slowly, unfolding in a melody that is as romantic as the lyrics. Piano fills out the “painting” of this story about two people re-discovering each other.

Romantic, slow, deliberate in imagery, this song is a fantasy that tells a story of an encounter with a familiar soul. “In this room, people disappear around a romance that I knew long ago.” The singer tells us she is feeling scared, “But I’d like to be daring — desire him to meet me by moonlight” and the listener can picture the scene. Starting with guitar and voice, cello gradually comes in with a low drumbeat. Then, piano makes a surprise entrance at the end of the first verse, adding romance to the song. The lyrics describe, “He moves me without moving,” the initial feelings that come from just looking at the love the singer desires.

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Hear the

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Silent Soothing

words and music by Paige Powell                    © 2015 Paige E. Powell

1. His eyes holding
My memory unfolding
Watching an old attraction grow
Deep and clear
In this room, people disappear
Around a romance I knew long ago

2. Somewhat scaring
But I’d like to be daring
Desire him to meet me by moonlight
My face glowing
My feelings are showing
And I fear that he might slip from my sight
Like a dream...

3. Silent, soothing
He moves me without moving
And I worry that I’ll give too much from the start
Lonely freedom
I know that I’ll need him
When his touching kisses fill my hollow heart

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