Saxophone on this song is performed by Steve Wolfe.

The Clock

words and music by Paige Powell      ©2007 Paige E. Powell

1. The clock is crying loudly
I’ve turned its bright face against the wall

It tries to make me move—I won’t hear it call.
Then, finally, out of bed I crawl

2.  I stare at the clock and it freezes.
Now, it appears not to move its hand

Until I look away—then, it jumps a span!
To lose time is something I can’t stand!

Chorus 1: The clock’s running my life

I see the hands, I see the face

How do I run out of time?

Against the clock, I rush and race

3. I wish that I were a farmer

Who works the day by the traveling sun

But I’m a city girl—I need my watch to run

And have to work until 8 hours are done

4. The clock talks without ticking

“Timing is everything,” it will say

We budget time like cash—worth more than our pay

Not more than twenty four hours a day

Chorus 2: The clock dictates the time

I fear the hands, I fear the face

It makes me run with its chime

Against the clock, I rush and race

Bridge: The clock can make us worry or be alarmed

No one can ignore it for long

And if its hands ever stopped moving

We’d be in trouble with time that’s wrong—whoa—

5. If I could gather time someplace

And save it for when I would need it most

Then, I’d have such peace—like clouds drifting slow . . .

I wouldn’t care where all the minutes go

(repeat Chorus 1 and Chorus 2)

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