This light, poetic song about Autumn is enhanced with flute, piano and guitar. Lyrics are visual, describing leaves “dropping like confetti” and when underfoot, “crunching like cornflakes”.

The absence of bass makes this song feel light, and compliments this happy viewpoint on the changing of seasons. Lyrics like “Coffee and pancakes replace lemonade. It’s time for the woolens and brown suede” point out the good things about cooler days ahead. “In the cold sunlight, pictures like paintings…” invites the listener to visualize colorful red, orange and yellow trees against a blue sky “…unreal in their glory.” Recorded in 1989 (without any autotune or special effects), the flute was performed by Yvonne LaParl and piano was performed by Karen Loffler McLaren.

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The New Cool Wind

words and music by Paige Powell                      ©1989 Paige E. Powell

1. Autumn, the trees and the wind agree

To shed all color and let the leaves go free

Flaming gold in their last brilliant hour

Scattered seeds are their reason to flower

Feeding the earth, feeding the soil with decay and growing

Crunching like cornflakes until it’s snowing

Chorus: People bundle up, but they face
The new, cool wind on their faces

People bundle up, but they face
the new, cool wind on their faces

2. Going into that good night of sleep

When the sap runs down and the burrows are deep

Coffee and pancakes replace lemonade

It’s time for the woolens and brown suede

In the cold sunlight, pictures like paintings unreal in their glory

The whole world at rest in the Creator’s story


3. A warning or a welcome, it depends how you see

If it’s coming or going continually

Around and around, or just back and forth

 The earth tilting up or the wind from the north

Still the leaves flutter, dropping confetti on the routine parade

The warm days retreating, there is no more need for their shade


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