Laugh with this comedy song, based on a true story about being too hung over to talk to the Saudi Arabian students my Grandma invited while having Thanksgiving with real Indians. People who have heard this song ONCE remember it!

Even the music is funny in a “country bumpkin” kind of way for this comedy song. "Betsy and I are college roommates, and Grandma's pickin' us up in the mornin'" and we're too hung over to talk or absorb what's going on. "Down in her car, we're not expecting two Saudi Arabian students... that Grandma invited (with us) to Thanksgiving with real Indians!" Paige and Betsy are friends to this day. After Paige finished writing and editing the song, she called Betsy and sang it to her over the phone. Betsy exclaimed, “I REMEMBER that!” and they talked about the strange and amusing experience.

Thank you, Kevin Dudley, for the lyric writing exercise at our SAW Songwriter's Toolbox meeting which was the "kick-off" for this song. And many thanks to the Songwriters Association of Washington and the DC chapter of NSAI for the feedback to make it less confusing and more funny. Also, a big “thank you” to my producer and recording engineer Kevin Gutierrez, who supplied the drums digitally.

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Too Hung Over (Thanksgiving With Real Indians)

words and music by Paige Powell                         © 2013 Paige E. Powell

1. Betsy and I are college roommates

And Grandma’s pickin’ us up in the mornin’

Down in her car, we’re not expecting two Saudi Arabian students

But we are too hung over to ask,

“Hey, Grandma, where are we going?”

As she drives us all away from Tulsa

And, we are too hung over to talk to the Saudis Grandma invited

To Thanksgiving with real Indians

2. Lone, country house — and we’re outnumbered.

Native Americans are eating platefuls of food

The TV’s got football.  Indians watching the Redskins

But we are too hung over to ask who lives here and who is related

To the woman who invited Grandma

Yes, we are too hung over to talk,

But no one is chatty or friendly at Thanksgiving with real Indians

Bridge: And I am feeling guilty and surprised and overwhelmed

Guilty for the history between their people and mine

That firewater that we drank last night just shut us down

My brain has a sign: “Out of order — try next time”

3. Turkey and dressing and real good gravy.

Green beans and sweet, sweet potatoes

Nothin’ to do but feed our faces.

And look at Indians all through this house

Still, we are too hung over to ask what became of  the Saudis?

We hear Grandma laughing in the kitchen

Still, we are too hung over to talk,

Or let our big mouths get us in trouble

At Thanksgiving with real Indians

Where our big mouths could get us in trouble

At Thanksgiving with real Indians!


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