Every woman knows the connection between shopping and laundry. And women remember this song every time they see the clothing tag, “Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low”. That little tag was the inspiration for Paige to write this song.

Women have come up to Paige, gushing , pointing, laughing and exclaiming that they remembered this song the last time they did their laundry, and after hearing the song only once! There really IS a connection to shopping and laundry and this song tells the story of what women think when they shop for clothing and look at the care instructions tag. It’s true that many of us think twice about buying an item that says “Dry Clean Only” because it adds to the cost of maintaining the garment. We already spend too much time, energy and money to maintain all the stuff we already have. Paige was inspired to write this song after sorting a wash, muttering “Tumble Dry Low” for each garment that could go into the dryer. After submitting the song to a Songwriters Association of Washington critique session, Lisa Taylor, a published songwriter, who was the guest artist on that day, suggested that the bridge should have a connection with people, and how we wish they could have “instructions for their care”. So, I revised the bridge to say just that. Thanks, Lisa!


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Tumble Dry Low

words and music by Paige Powell                         © 2009 Paige E. Powell

1. Whenever I go shopping for clothes that catch my eye

I look for size and color, and price before I buy

But there is one thing extra, before my money’s gone

I’ve learned to read the label before I try it on.

Chorus: Tumble dry low, tumble dry low

Machine wash cold and tumble dry low

I’ll buy it just as long as I can toss it in the wash!

(last time, …toss it in the washing…”)

Machine wash cold and tumble dry low

2. If it says, “Dry Clean Only” it goes back on the rack

Or if label instructions say, “Hand Wash and Dry Flat”

I only want to sing a single song in the laundry room

And just one kind of washload to add detergent to!                  (Repeat (Chorus)

3. A working girl has no time to hand wash separately

Don’t stick us in the bathroom doing hand wash by the piece

It only takes five minutes, but it isn’t getting done

We’d rather do more shopping with our girlfriends, having fun!              (Repeat Chorus)

Bridge: We’d have carefree relationships

Just like the clothes we wear

If only people came with some instructions for their care!       (Repeat Chorus)

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